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Flying Fish
Flying Fish
Flying Fish
Flying Fish
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Flying Fish

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Dimensions | Editions 100 x 100 cm | Limited edition 1/3
80 x 80 cm | Limited edition 1/5
60 x 60 cm | Limited edition 1/10

Support depth: 4 mm
Overall depth: 2 cm
Weight | Cornice Gives 1 to 2 kg | Optionally framed or unframed
Technique Digital Artwork printed on Brushed Aluminium
Year 2023
Coding AI-202301
Numbered work signed in original and certified



"Flying Fish" is a digital artwork that captivates the imagination with its bold and surreal depiction of a flying fish surrounded by amorphous forms of brass, paper, and cement.

At the heart of the piece, the flying fish emerges as a symbol of freedom and fluid movement, inviting the viewer to reflect on the transient nature of reality and its ever-changing beauty. The skillful use of digital technology allows the artist to explore new expressive territories, creating a complex dialogue between the natural and the artificial worlds.

Ultimately, "Flying Fish" proves to be a fascinating and evocative work of art, enchanting the viewer with its fusion of forms and materials, and testifying to the power of digital art in transforming our perception of the world around us.


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