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Precious Temptation
Precious Temptation
Precious Temptation
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Precious Temptation

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Dimensions | Editions 100 x 100 cm | Limited edition 1/3
80 x 80 cm | Limited edition 1/5
60 x 60 cm | Limited edition 1/10

Support depth: 4 mm
Overall depth: 2 cm
Weight | Cornice Gives 1 to 2 kg | Optionally framed or unframed
Technique Digital Artwork printed on Brushed Aluminium
Year 2024
Coding AI-202401
Numbered work signed in original and certified



Scoobafish's digital masterpiece "Precious Temptation", crafted by Maurizio Sergiusti, is an exquisite exploration of juxtaposition and refinement. This artwork elegantly marries the timeless symbolism of a red apple with the opulent allure of diamonds and mother-of-pearl. The organic contours of the apple are enhanced and transformed by the luxurious materials, creating a captivating visual dialogue between nature and indulgence.

Scoobafish's skillful manipulation of digital tools and artistic vision illuminates the complexity of contemporary aesthetics, inviting viewers to ponder the intersection of beauty, temptation, and luxury. Through this creation, Sergiusti demonstrates an acute understanding of the nuances of form, texture, and symbolism, resulting in a truly mesmerizing piece that resonates with depth and sophistication.


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