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Whale Symphony
Whale Symphony
Whale Symphony
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Whale Symphony

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Dimensions | Editions 100 x 100 cm | Limited edition 1/3
80 x 80 cm | Limited edition 1/5
60 x 60 cm | Limited edition 1/10

Support depth: 4 mm
Overall depth: 2 cm
Weight | Cornice Gives 1 to 2 kg | Without frame
Technique Digital Artwork printed on Brushed Aluminium
Year 2023
Coding AI-202302
Numbered work signed in original and certified




“Whale Symphony” is a digital work that conveys a sense of wonder and serenity through the depiction of a majestic whale, surrounded by ethereal forms of plastic, concrete and copper pipes. At the center of the work, the whale emerges as a symbol of power and grace, evoking the grandeur of the oceans and the beauty of marine life.

The skilful use of materials, including plastic and copper, creates a magical and evocative atmosphere, transporting spectators into a world of harmony and wonder.
Through its enchanting composition, "Whale Symphony" invites viewers to reflect on the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems, fostering a deep connection with nature.

Ultimately, "Whale Symphony" stands out as a fascinating and evocative work, celebrating the magnificence of the ocean and its infinite capacity for inspiration.


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